Exterior/External Lighting

The Wirenut, a company located in Colorado, understands the ever-changing weather that occurs here year-round. Due to that understanding, we pay special attention to the quality of products and services we offer our customers. We use only the best residential light fixtures and guarantee they will withstand the blizzards and extreme heat Colorado has to offer. When you’re looking into exterior lighting, there are many different options and reasons to use certain light fixtures on the exterior of your home.

If you’re looking for security, The WireNut is able to install various types of security lighting to keep you and your home safe. There are many options when it comes to security lighting, including: flood lights, post lights, dusk to dawn lights, motion sensor lights, and low voltage security lights. With each type, there are different benefits and certain fixtures may work better for your home than others. Afraid of your home looking like a giant spotlight? Don’t worry, The WireNut has plenty of security lighting options to ensure your home is safe but the lighting is subtle.

  • Low voltage security lighting is a security lighting option that many people use because it’s very efficient but still quite effective. Low voltage security lighting illuminates as well as regular lighting, but also benefits your wallet because of its efficiency.
  • Motion-activated lights are another great option. This kind of lighting only comes on when it detects motion near the outside of your home. These lights are great for security because they light up for a few minutes then turn off, saving you high energy costs. Plus, they not only alert you and your family if something is wrong, but if you’re not home it will alert your neighbors to something in your yard as well.

Beyond just security reasons there are plenty of other lighting options for the outside of your home and The WireNut is able to help you with those as well. Whether you are looking for wall lighting, hanging lights, or ceiling lights on the exterior of your home, The WireNut can install or repair all of these for you.

Replacing your old lighting outside can not only brighten up your home, but also save you on energy costs. It’s important not only to check your outdoor lighting, but also your indoor lighting as well to save on energy costs everywhere possible!