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Lighting Repairs

Have you noticed some of the outlets around your home acting funny, or not working at all? You probably need a licensed electrician to come check them out. Or maybe you have a broken light fixture and want a ceiling fan put in its place? The WireNut can help you with all your electrical needs.

We are here to not only fix any electrical issues you may be having, but also to teach you a bit about your home electrical system. When our customers understand more about how the electrical system works in their home, they know when to call for help or what safety hazards to look out for.

Lighting repair is about being consistent and uniform. Our technicians understand this and are able to provide the highest-quality repairs for our customers. Some companies may come in and breeze through the cause of the issue, possibly masking any bigger issues behind the scenes. But The WireNut uses the latest in diagnostic tools to better serve our customers and ensure that your home electrical system works properly.

When it comes to lighting repairs there are four commons types of repairs/services:

Before you have to call in The WireNut, you can try some simple troubleshooting to narrow down what part of your home seems to be having the electrical issue. Troubleshooting is a common process you can use to figure out exactly where an electrical issue is coming from, or what is causing it. Troubleshooting looks something like testing different outlets and turning on and off lights in your home to see where the problem is occurring. Sometimes things like turning on and off appliances can help narrow down the area with the problem. Another approach you can use is to reset the breakers in the area of your home with the electrical problem. If this doesn’t seem to alleviate your electrical problem, then it’s definitely time to call us in!

Lighting repair is very tricky and it’s important to consider safety first! You don’t want to attempt to repair lighting or light fixtures on your own because there are potentially dangerous wires that may harm you or ignite a fire in your home. When you hire The WireNut, we make sure your home is safe and take care of whatever issues you’re experiencing. Some of our lighting repair services include: disposing of exposed wires, putting hanging fixture back in the wall, installing a new ceiling fan where there wasn’t one previously, etc. We have seen it all and are confident we can get it done for you.

Another common type of repair has to do with electrical outlets. When an outlet isn’t working properly, it’s not only a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous. If you have an outlet that isn’t working correctly, or sparks when you plug items into it, don’t use it! There may be frayed wires that could possibly start a fire within the walls. Or you may short out other outlets by overusing them to avoid the ones with the problems.. The bottom line is that if there’s something wrong with your electrical outlets, they need our professional attention.  

Lastly, we deal with the repair of GFI/GFCI outlets. These are the outlets in your home that are typically located near water in your kitchen and bathrooms. GFI outlets are designed to protect us from electrical shock when we plug items into them. These outlets should only be installed or worked on in your home by a professional.

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