Are Versatile Track Lights Making a Comeback?

When it comes to lighting trends, our team at The WireNut always tries to stay ahead of the curve and be educated in the latest and greatest lighting technology. Great lighting design needs to be functional, beautiful and energy efficient. Those are the characteristics we look for in every product or design trend we choose to endorse.

One lighting trend that has been popping up more recently is track lighting. Track and rail lighting has traditionally been used for ambient or accent lighting. It was popularized in the 80’s and 90’s but was quickly replaced by newer and more energy efficient technology. Track lighting has been making a strong comeback with its contemporary design and use of LED and CFL bulbs. Continue reading for some design tips and a breakdown of some of the benefits found in modern track lighting.

The Benefits of Track Lighting

-Versatility: One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional lighting features is the fact that the light has to be placed in a single location. Track lighting is also placed in one location, but it has any number of bulbs that can be aimed at various focal points throughout the room. Track lighting also comes in a massive variety of designs and colors.

-Easy Installation: While we recommend the use of a professional electrical contractor for your installation it is still important to highlight how easy track lighting can be to install. Track lighting still requires the use of ceiling wiring, but it allows for one central location to illuminate an entire room far more effectively than a lamp or single light fixture.

-Increased Efficiency: We have all probably heard by now that the use of low watt high-efficiency light bulbs can not only save us money on our utility bill but also have a positive impact on the environment. The same idea can be applied to track lighting. With the use of LED light bulbs and a simplified wiring structure, track lighting has the capability of saving you some serious cash.

-Space Saver: Track lighting is low profile and typically hung from the ceiling which makes it an ideal solution for a room that is clogged with furniture or cumbersome floor lamps.

Design Tips

-Ambient Light: Have you ever walked into a room and it immediately felt warm, comfortable, and inviting? This was probably due in large part to the ambient light in the room. Track lighting looks it’s best when combined with other light fixtures to highlight artwork, furniture and creative design elements in the room. The character of ambient light can even be taken one step further by the use of colored light bulbs.

-Task Lighting: Workspaces and community areas can benefit in a pretty big way from track lighting. With the use of multiple points of brightness, track lighting is able to illuminate a specific space far more effectively than a traditional fixture or lamp. We like to be able to see what we are doing in our home office or kitchen, and track lighting can definitely help with that.

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