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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Our electricians can perform inspections and safety audits of your home electrical system to determine fire hazards and remove, repair, or rectify them. As well, The WireNut prides itself in ensuring that all electrical panels, outlets, fixtures, and switches that we sell are all certified and thoroughly tested for in-home use, including new GFCI outlets, with built-in, on-outlet circuit breaking.

Our master electricians hold safety as the highest priority, no matter the service they provide. They ensure that any outlet or switch is properly installed, grounded, tested, and most importantly safe, before they leave your property. We believe this peace of mind alone is worth having WireNut Home Services be your source for all your electrical needs in Colorado, from replacing a fuse, repairing an outlet, installing lights and fans, to hooking up your residential electrical services, inspections, and more.

We provide Up-Front Pricing, Risk-Free Guarantee, and Licensed Master Electricians, Technicians. Give us a call, or schedule online, before 2 pm for Same-Day Service/repair. 

The Need for a Whole House Surge Protector Installation

We use a lot of energy. We’re quickly finding out that the modern home in Colorado Springs uses more energy than most houses can handle. Power surges are no longer just freak accidents due to lightning strikes or blackouts, they can happen just through using one appliance too many.

There are plug-in surge suppressors that can work to absorb some of this excess energy, but if you want full protection through storms and the sun, you want to invest in a whole home surge protector. 

Causes of Whole House Power Surges

If you experience frequent power surges, it could be due to several factors that are best diagnosed by one of our Master Electricians. It could be a fault in your wiring, or maybe even a shorted circuit or tripped breaker that is causing your electrical currents to surge and damage your appliances.

Though, as we said before, everyday use of electrical equipment is becoming the central cause of most power surges. Especially in the hotter months, running enough fans or plug-in coolers can cause a power surge that’ll leave you in a sweaty blackout. 

The most high-powered appliances that result in surges are HVAC systems that go through cycles, meaning washing machines and refrigerators. If you want to run these safely and without inconvenience, you want a whole house surge protector.

Installing Service Entrance Protection

A service entrance protector, otherwise known as a whole house surge protector, monitors all incoming utility power and protects the home from surges caused by the grid. This level of protection also covers cable and internet connectors, which are commonly used as conduits for surges.

With this installation taking note of the electricity as it tries to enter the home’s circuits, it’s able to detect a surge before it happens and divert the voltage out of harm’s way. This will allow you to run multiple appliances at once, while also protecting blackouts and other electrical errors outside your home. 

Working with WireNut

When you work with WireNut for your whole-house surge protector installation, you’re hiring one of the most reliable contractors in Colorado Springs. Our mission statement is a constant battle to enrich the lives of our community one home at a time. What does this look like for you?

For us, it looks like going through every customer interaction with care and enthusiasm. It means getting the job right the first time, ensuring a complete satisfaction guarantee for every job we do. More than all of that, we believe that enriching your life could be as simple as helping you cool every room in your house in the dead of summer. It’s the little things. 

We’re also proud of being COVID-compliant as an essential business. Our master electricians will be masked and gloved, and we can even diagnose your situation through a video chat. That’s why working with us isn’t a risk, it’s a well-praised and well-skilled chance to improve the comfort and safety of your home.

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Colorado’s Best Choice for Surge, Lightning, and Fire Protection Services.

There is a reason that we have become Colorado’s choice for surge, lightning, and fire protection services when it comes to your home electrical wiring and circuits.

Power surges can happen at any time, for any reason. In an unprotected home, these surges can cause costly damage to home theater systems, computers, appliances, and other valuable electronics. With a professionally installed surge protector, a device designed to absorb and mitigate power surges, your electronics are safe. In cases of extreme surges, such as a lightning strike, these surge protectors are designed to be sacrificial, destroying themselves to absorb the surge before it hits your in-home wiring. In addition to circuit breaker panels, this double layer of electrical protection is there to give you peace of mind that your valuable electronics are not damaged.

Fire protection is also of paramount importance to The WireNut. The American National Fire Prevention Agency reports that in 2011, an astonishing 14% of all household and residential fires were caused by electrical means alone. This means that it was not any electronics attached to the electrical system, it was the electrical wiring, fuse or circuit breaker panel, outlet or switch that was the ignition source.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding having a home electrical fire prevention audit, or to have a surge protector installed, please do not hesitate to call us and speak without expert staff. Your peace of mind and safety are our highest priority.

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