Backup Generator Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

You depend on electricity for just about everything you do these days. When the power goes out, it seems like it can bring life to a screeching halt.

These power outages can last from a few minutes to several hours, or sometimes even days! In these instances, having a residential backup generator in your Colorado Springs, CO, home to act as your emergency power source can be a lifesaver. 

How Does a Backup Generator Work? 

Just like the engine of your car, a home generator creates energy by turning fuel, like gasoline or diesel, into electricity with the help of a heavy-duty recharging battery.

When a power outage occurs, using your backup generator allows you to remain comfortable, despite what the weather may be like outside. A home backup generator can keep most major appliances, like your refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, and lights operational as you wait for the power to come back on.

Home generators are great to have when dealing with the following situations in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Blackouts 
  • Inclement weather, such as heavy snow
  • Destruction to power equipment from animals 
  • Natural disasters, like floods and fires
  • Automobiles colliding with power poles

Your family will not be left in the dark during a power outage when you have a backup generator.  

Benefits of a Backup Generator Installation

Some families in Colorado Springs, CO, will opt for a portable backup generator. These smaller generators can power some things, but the average home in the United States uses enough energy each day to charge 20 laptops simultaneously!

Sometimes the portable generators are not powerful enough to keep your family comfortable during a serious power outage. During a power outage, a home backup generator can:

  • Save your food from spoiling 
  • Allow you to continue washing or drying laundry
  • Help you use the light fixtures as you normally would 
  • Enable you to use hot water for showers and washing dishes 
  • Ensure you can continue to cook food on the stove or microwave

Having a backup generator will also allow you to charge your phone and other devices so you can stay informed in an emergency situation.

Choosing the Right Backup Generator for Your Colorado Springs Home

While they all provide you with power during an outage, not all home generator installations are the same. One of our technicians can help you assess your home and situation to determine which type of home backup generator is right for you.

You need to purchase the correct size emergency generator for your home to ensure it will give you enough power. Determining the amount of energy your appliances use will be necessary, but how you use these appliances is essential, too.

The type of fuel your new home generator needs is another crucial factor. Some generators come with a tank that will store fuel, like propane, while others require you to tap into a natural gas line. Our experts can help you determine the best fuel source for your backup generator.

The last detail to consider is any groundwork that needs to be completed. After choosing your fuel source, you may need to upgrade gas lines coming into your home or make additional room for a fuel storage tank.  

Backup Generator Repair Services 

Once you’ve had your home generator installed, it’s a good idea to have annual maintenance appointments. Regular check-ups help ensure that it will work the way it is supposed to when you need it most.

Contact WireNut Home Services for a backup generator repair if you encounter any of the following things:

  • You notice a coolant leak 
  • The generator fails to start
  • Your generator runs slower than normal 
  • There is visual damage to the exterior of the generator

If you spot any signs of damage, don’t put off your repair. Call right away to schedule a repair and keep your backup generator in good health. 

Why Choose WireNut Home Services in Colorado Springs?

Anytime you have electrical services done in your home, you need a trusted electrician. At WireNut Home Services, our team members have completed the Colorado requirements to become Licensed Electricians.

They have experience in planning for and installing all types of electrical components, including backup generators. They always make safety a top priority and ensure your equipment is safe before they consider the job complete.  

Don’t Leave Your Family in the Dark 

Schedule an appointment to talk with one of our technicians and figure out your home’s storm power solution. You’ll be happy you called and had a backup generator installed. Contact us today for upfront pricing, lifetime workmanship guarantees, and the best licensed electricians serving Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding areas.

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