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Ultraviolet (UV) lighting in partnership with a central heating and air system is primarily used to sterilize air before it passes into your home. UV lighting has been used for decades in surgical and electronics clean-room grade air systems to kill harmful organic agents and is now available for use in home systems.

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UV Lighting: What You Might Not Know

If you spent some time in a haunted house, laser tag arena, or in the bedroom of your coolest cousin, you’ve probably come across a black light. They emit a surreal purple glow that makes certain colors seem to pop like magic. They’re called UV lights, so seeing them offered by a home service company like WireNut might come off as strange.

No, we’re not aiming to turn Colorado Springs into one big amusement park – that’s a definite perk, but it’s not our end goal. What we want to do is use our specialized UV lighting to purify your home with near-medical-grade sanitation. And what we offer is far more effective than what you can get at your local Spencer’s Gifts. 

Types of UV Light

UV light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum closest to the purple part of visible light. This is separated into sections ranging from visible light to germicidal. Blacklight is considered part of the UV-A region, and the fixtures it’s built into are designed to eliminate a majority of the risk that comes from UVA exposure.

When looking to disinfect, it’s best to work with something closer to the UV-C range, which is considered the most germicidal. It’s the same type of UV lighting that scientists have used to clean the air and surfaces around their lab for over a century.

At WireNut, we can install this level of light into your current air delivery system, allowing you to take advantage of its benefits while staying safe.

Benefits of UV Lights in the Home

The biggest perk to installing UV lighting into your air system is that it ensures your home is free of any biological growth. This can keep away the strange musty smells that come from mold and other germs while improving your indoor air quality as a whole.

Bad air quality can cause a lot of problems before you might notice it. You may be experiencing symptoms typical to allergies or asthma, or suffering from a generally weakened immune system and not know why. If nothing else has helped, the answer might be as simple as spores or other growths irritating your respiratory system. 

Time and Money 

Installing UV lighting is one small investment that can greatly improve the lifespan of your HVAC system. As it eliminates the unwanted organisms around your house, it’s doing the same to the ductwork in your system. Because of this, your system’s air filter is less likely to be clogged, and all you have to do is keep up with some basic maintenance to make sure it’s running smoothly.

Working with WireNut Home Services

Since 2004, WireNut has been the spearhead of comfort in Colorado Springs. We’ve branched out to UV lighting, but we offer a variety of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing services. You can check in our sidebar and see the problems we’re skilled to handle, and all of our installations and repairs come with financing options that’ll work for you.

Our mission statement is to enrich lives, one home at a time. And with our UV lighting, we think we can do that for you.

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Eliminate Airborne Organisms With a Home UV Lighting System.

The Ultimate in Clean

Concerned about contaminants in your home? Have special requirements for cleanliness? Health or immune conditions that require extra cleanliness? No problem. A UV lighting system kills airborne bacteria, viruses’, and fungal spores as they travel through your heating/cooling system. If you want the ultimate in clean, this is it.

Affordable and Effective

Ask us about how affordable and home UV lighting setup really is.

Safety and Professionalism

You can expect the HVAC experts at WireNut Home Services to install your UV lighting system to exacting standards. Due to the nature of this product, only experienced and trained technicians (such as the ones dispatched by WireNut Home Services) should install it.

Combine With an Air Cleaner for Maximum Results

Combining a UV lighting system with our top-grade air cleaners is the perfect combination!

WireNut Home Services Exclusive Guarantees

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How does UV lighting work?

The basic fact is that a central heating and air system needs a supply of air to heat or cool before dispensing it to the household. The primary source of this air is from outside your house, brought in through a specially insulated duct. While the air inside your home may already be cleaned, as it circulates and eventually makes its way back to the heating and air system, it can pick up microscopic particles from areas such as your kitchen, the washroom, the front hall, and other areas where bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants can gather.

UV lighting works by using ultraviolet radiation inside a safe, airtight housing attached to your air delivery system, to effectively trap and neutralize harmful organic agents in the air. As most harmful agents carried in the air are microscopic in size, even brief exposure to UV radiation via a professionally installed UV lighting system in your central heating and air system is enough to kill or otherwise neutralize said agents.

Radiation? Isn’t that dangerous?

Long term exposure to direct UV radiation can be harmful. That is why WireNut Home Services ensures that each UV lighting system installed meets exacting industry standards, and is completely sealed from exposure outside of the lighting unit. You can rest assured that the levels of UV radiation used in all systems installed by WireNut Home Services are certified safe for household use and that our staff are extensively trained and certified to install any of the UV lighting solutions carried by WireNut Home Services.

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I have an air cleaner, why do I need a UV lighting system?

Modern household air cleaners attached to central heating and air systems are very efficient, effective units that trap dust, pet hair, pollen, and other allergens that can pollute the air. However, bacteria and viruses can be smaller than air particles, and as such can slip through the filters. By combining an air cleaning system with a UV lighting unit, those harmful bacteria and viruses are neutralized, preventing them from entering your household’s air, and ensuring that you have clean, fresh air for your family.

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