Energy Efficiency in Outdoor Lighting

Summer in Colorado can be blisteringly hot, breezy and dry during the day. But once the sun dips behind the mountains most people rush outside to the deck or patio to enjoy some outdoor recreation time in the cool evening air. As the daylight disappears it would be nice to have some ambient light that does not cost a homeowner a fortune to run and maintain. And the right lighting solution will create a unique and pleasant atmosphere for your outdoor space. That solution comes from energy efficient outdoor lighting, for which there are some pretty exciting options that we will explore below.

-Solar light fixtures:
While we are on the subject of energy efficient lighting solutions, none can be better than solar lighting. There have been some exciting advances in the world of solar lighting making them cheaper and more accessible for the average consumer and require no technical knowledge. In year’s past outdoor solar lighting would actually require professional installation and complex wiring systems to even be usable. In the current market, we can walk down the aisle of any department store and find a plethora of options. The most exciting thing for you as a homeowner is that you will see virtually no rise in your utility bill simply because you are harnessing the summer’s most plentiful resource, the sun.

-Outdoor LED lighting:
Next to solar the most budget-friendly lighting solution is going to be LED. Light Emitting Diode which is what the acronym LED stands for is definitely more expensive on the front end than regular incandescent or halogen bulbs but the energy savings are substantial. LED bulbs are also longer lasting and typically last for years, while other light bulbs can burn out within a couple of months. While there are some options like string lights most of the more professional and longer lasting LED installations are done by electricians. For a consultation and design, options contact our team here at WireNut today!

-Motion activated lighting:
Motion activated lighting is exactly what it sounds like; when there is movement outside your home these light fixtures will kick on and give you a soft ambient glow by which you can see. Motion activated is handy because you don’t even have to worry about flipping the switch on and off when you are outside. Some models also come with small solar panels so you can harness more of the sun’s natural energy. For proper installation, we recommend getting a consultation from a professional electrician before you attempt to install a system like this.

-Torches and Candles:
This last option for outdoor lighting is by far the most simple and requires no lighting knowledge whatsoever. Tiki torches and outdoor candles do require the use of flammable liquids though, so be mindful and don’t do things in a way that will endanger the people around you or your home. Tiki torches and candles can be used to ward off bugs in a way that electric lights can’t accomplish with natural bug repellents like citronella.

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