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How to Choose an Electrician

Whether you are in the middle of a renovation or just need a quote on repairs, every homeowner will probably need to speak to a licensed electrician at some point during the process. Consulting an electrician can save a lot of time and hassle, simply because even experienced renovators or weekend warriors run into situations that require an expert touch. Doing your own electrical work can also be dangerous. We have heard countless stories during our years of service that involve someone who thought they took all the necessary precautions and were hurt as a result. Hiring an electrician can be a daunting task, but there are some helpful tips you can use and questions you can be asking along the way that will ensure the best possible outcome.

1) Seek Recommendations

This one may seem obvious, but word of mouth still remains one of the best ways to get solid recommendations for services. We rely on word of mouth immensely here at The WireNut and pride ourselves on the level of satisfaction achieved for our clients. Start with asking friends, family, or anyone you know who works with electricians on a regular basis.

2) Ask for a Quote

Before you start asking for quotes, it is important to lay out the scope of the project in detail so there is nothing left up to assumption. This also allows for your company to quote the project fairly and concisely. The cheapest quote you receive is not always going to be the best choice, for a number of reasons, so be sure to examine what each company is offering carefully.

3) Look for Special Qualifications

Electricians vary greatly in skill level depending on where they studied, who they apprenticed under, or how serious they are about continuing their education in the electrical field. While accreditations do not determine everything about an electrician, they will show you how serious that electrician is about producing quality results and maintaining a competitive edge. Our experienced team at The WireNut is so passionate about quality electrical work that we promise a significant reduction in your energy costs or we will completely refund your investment.

4) Ask about Guarantees or Warranties

This is where The Wirenut stands apart from most of our competitors. We stand by all the work our team performs, and if you are unhappy with an outcome, give us a call and allow us to make it right. We continue to serve our clients years after the original project is completed.

Using the tips above for every electrical project you encounter will not only increase your peace of mind as a homeowner but it will also allow you to find reputable electricians in your local area. With our expertise and excellent customer service, we are ready to perform any project set before us with skill and precision. But don’t take our word for it, just read some of the reviews written by our satisfied clients!

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