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Generator Installation in Colorado Springs

Installing a generator can guarantee that your home has a backup power source at all times. Generator installation can protect your family from many power-related emergencies. 

Having a backup generator installed is a great way to safeguard your family from power outages, storms, and other accidents that can affect your power lines. For instance, if you need to power your entire home or a few key appliances, a standby generator can turn on seconds after a power outage.

Which Generator Is Best for My Home?

With so many generator options to choose from, installing a backup generator is not simple. It becomes even more difficult when you consider the electrical wiring and safety concerns. 

To make sure that your generator is installed properly and safely, homeowners should work with a trusted and professional contractor to do the job correctly. This will keep your family safe and give you the peace of mind that if anything happens, you will be protected.

There are two main types of backup power generators: portable and standby. Portable and standby generators perform the same tasks, but they vary greatly in price and convenience.

Portable Generators

What separates a portable generator from a standby generator is its convenience. A portable generator can power select appliances and items in a home. Generally, portable generators are powered by gasoline and require frequent refueling. 

Because of its convenience, you will need to roll your portable generator near your home to use it and manually start it by pulling the cord. Portable generators should never be used inside.

Standby Generators

A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home. Most often powered by natural gas or liquid propane, standby generators can run on local utility lines, meaning no refueling is required.

Standby generators are also convenient but different than portable generators. Standby generators are permanently installed outside of your home. They may be powered by liquid propane, natural gas, or a local utility line. Because standby generators are permanently installed, you have nearly no work to do during a power outage. Your standby generator will sense a power outage and automatically turn on within a few seconds. This allows for a seamless transfer of power and allows your appliances to stay up and running. 

To have this seamless transfer, you must contact a professional home services technician. They can help to determine the best generator for the size of your home and help with the generator installation.

Benefits of Installing a New Generator

You never know when the power will go out. Whether it be from a storm, an electrical error, or another reason, a generator will keep the power on in your home. Because of this, generators are helpful in the fact that they:

  • Prevent food spoilage by keeping your refrigerator and freezer running
  • Prevent power surges to expensive computers, TVs, and other electrical devices
  • Keep your home’s security system on and alert
  • Power your furnace or AC system to keep your family safe during a blizzard storm or a hot summer.

If you are eager to take advantage of these generator benefits, consider having a generator installation.

Professional Generator Installation

If you have determined that a generator is right for your home, hire a professional electrician to install the generator. A professional electrician is needed for several reasons.

They Will Assess Your Home’s Needs

Before installing a new generator for your home, you must determine the needs of your home to guarantee that you purchase a generator that can meet those needs and fully power your home.  

A professional electrician will also evaluate the logistics of installing a generator near your home. They will go over Colorado Springs building codes and noise ordinances to make sure that your home’s generator is installed in the best place on your property.

ordinances play a role in where your generator should be installed.

They Will Properly Install Your Generator

Installing a generator on your property is not a simple task. The machine should be positioned properly. It should connect to the gas line and the generator should be wired to your home’s subpanel. Scheduling a generator installation will ensure that your home is safe and your backup power is dependable during an emergency or blackout.

Local Generator Installation

Our team at WireNut Home Services has the skill and experience to professionally install a generator in your home. We also know all the necessary Colorado Springs codes and regulations required for safe, certified generator installation.

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