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Smoke Detector Installation in Colorado Springs

Smoke detectors are one of the most important devices in the home, but oftentimes they are neglected. For proper maintenance and care, you should keep your home’s smoke detectors up to date, check them regularly, and have them replaced.

Most individuals can maintain their home’s smoke detectors, but for a smoke detector installation, you should work with a professional electrician. An electrician can ensure that your smoke detector is properly installed and prepared to alert your family if needed.

Should I Schedule a Smoke Detector Installation

Even though we see them every day, most of us forget about our smoke detectors. You should schedule a smoke detector installation if:

  • Your smoke detector is 10 years or older
  • The plastic is discolored 
  • You move into a new home
  • Your smoke detector is continuously beeping

Each of these issues is a sign that your home needs a new smoke detector.

The Smoke Detector Is Over 10 Years Old

The average smoke detector has a lifespan of around 10 years. Because of this, most homeowners install a smoke detector and forget about it until it starts beeping. To keep your family safe and home protected, we recommend that homeowners make a note of when they install their device and commit to replacing it after 10 years. 

New Home, New Smoke Detector

If you have just moved into a home that already has a smoke detector, you can check the manufacturer’s date to determine if your home needs a new smoke detector. For peace of mind, many new homeowners in Colorado Springs schedule a smoke detector installation after moving in, even if the detector is less than 10 years old. This helps to guarantee the safety of your family and newly purchased home.

Your Smoke Detector Is Malfunctioning

If you know for sure that your home’s smoke detector is under ten years old, but it is beeping incessantly or not responding to the test button, you should have a new smoke detector installed. Smoke detectors are affordable for most homeowners, so it is a good investment to replace a faulty smoke detector. 

Do I Need an Electrician to Install My Smoke Detector?

Many people believe that they can install their home’s smoke detector on their own. While individuals can surely complete monthly testing and battery changing themselves, it is best to allow a professional electrician to install your smoke detector. Remember, proper smoke detector installation could save lives. 

Whenever you schedule a smoke detector installation with an electrician, they can also help to:

  • Recommend the best smoke detectors
  • Install the detectors in the proper location
  • Keep your home up to code
  • Install interconnecting smoke detectors

As shown, hiring a professional electrician to install your smoke detector is very beneficial.

Electricians Can Recommend the Best Smoke Detectors

While there are many different brands out there, not every smoke detector is equally effective. Because smoke detectors protect your home and your family, you must be having a quality smoke detector installed.

At WireNut Home Services, our electricians will only install devices that are quality, safe and reliable. 

Electricians Install Devices in the Proper Location

For the average person, it can be difficult to know where exactly in your home you should install a smoke detector. You know that at least one should be near your kitchen, but how close should they be to your stove, and where else should they go in your home?

Electricians are equipped with all of the necessary knowledge to place your smoke detectors at key points throughout your home.

Electricians Keep Your Home Up to Code

Official rules and regulations change often, so it can be difficult for homeowners to stay up to date on the most recent codes. 

Because electricians are certified and engage in frequent training, they will know all of the new regulations to keep your home safe and up to code.

Electricians Can Install Interconnecting Smoke Detectors

Interconnecting smoke detectors, just as their name suggests, are all connected. These types of smoke detectors are much safer than independent detectors. This is because when an interconnected smoke detector begins to go off, it will trigger all of the smoke detectors in your home to go off. This will allow your entire family to be alerted to an emergency, no matter how large your home is or how far your bedroom is from the fire.

Scheduling a Smoke Detector Installation in Colorado Springs

If you are moving into a new home or just want to guarantee the safety of your smoke detector, we recommend having a new smoke detector installed by a professional electrician.

Our master electricians are ready to ensure the safety of your home and offer you and your family peace of mind.

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