The Coolest Things to do for your HVAC System in the Summertime

Like you, our AC System is on full blast in July in Colorado Springs. The days are long and hot, and coming inside can be the most refreshing thing, or the worst thing if your HVAC system is not that effective. Believe it or not, performing simple maintenance on your HVAC system could jump start the cool air that you’ve been dreaming about. It could also allow you to catch small damages, prevent more costly repairs, and prolong the life of your AC unit, your airway system, and even your heating system when the winter arrives.

We’ve created a simple checklist for you to complete to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning at its optimal performance during these hot summer months in Colorado. You can do these things yourself, or you can hire an expert HVAC professional to perform complete inspections and maintenance for your house.

Inspect and Replace your Air Filter

The first maintenance step you take should be concerned with the air filter on your HVAC unit. These filters should be replaced at least every 90 days to keep air flow optimal. You can usually find the air filter in the return air duct, the place right before the air reaches the air handler. Inspect your air filter for any built up debris that has been accumulated and replace if necessary (if it is sooner than the 90 day mark). This will help the air flow from being contaminated and blocked, which will more effectively cool your house.

Check the Exterior Air Conditioning Unit and Heat Pumps

Take a step outside and inspect the area surrounding the outdoor cooling equipment. Trim the grass and clear the clippings from around the base of the unit. Wash the unit off with a damp towel to clear off collected dust. Finally, trim away any branches, bushes or other greenery that has grown around the unit(s). The rule of thumb is at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor equipment. This will allow your system to work properly without any exterior blockage.

Pour Bleach and Water Mixture down the Air Conditioning Condensate Drain

Go ahead and create a mixture of three parts bleach and one part water and pour it down your AC condensate drain. If you do this once a year, this can help remove and prevent the growth of any mold or algae in your drain, which could be a huge problem if it ever grows. This will also help clear out any additional blockage in your drain, which helps the overall system run and cool more effectively.

Inspect the Registers and Return Air Grilles

Go around your house and check on each one of the registers and return air grills. Make sure that they are not being blocked or shut. If they are, this could prevent airflow from traveling effectively through your home and might not be cooling it as effectively. Make sure to move any rugs, furniture, plants or any other object that could be blocking the vents. You can also check to make sure that all of the vent louvers are open.

Inspect the Cooling System’s Drip Pan

Finally, check the unit’s drip pan and make sure that it is not backed up, clogged, or overflown. If it is, turn off the power first, so to make sure it is safe to inspect the area. Then, you can either wipe away the water with washcloths or towels, or use a wet/dry vacuum to suck it up. Clearing the drip pan will help the cooling system to work much more effectively.


Following these 5 maintenance tips for your HVAC system will help cool down your house more effectively this summer and keep your system operating at its fullest potential. If you discover larger problems when inspecting your HVAC parts, be sure to call in a professional to help and give a proper diagnosis.
Be sure to contact The WireNut with any questions that you have concerning your cooling system this summer. We are qualified in full HVAC services the Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, and Boulder areas in Colorado.

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