The Wirenut's Terms and Conditions


WireNut Home Services offers our Exclusive Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee to the original purchaser of Residential services on specific work where those services have not been tampered with by and other party and exclude parts or equipment failure. This guarantee is defined as the proper installation based on local building codes at the time of installation and is specifically listed on any work tasks where it applies.


All Diagnostics include and are limited to investigation of one individual issue. This diagnostic will identify problems within the system, thus enabling us to propose any needed solutions options, including but not limited to additional repairs or replacements.


All work performed requires a 50% deposit to cover all miscellaneous expenses associated. All task codes which have commenced, as well as 15% of the remaining balance above and beyond will remain Non-Refundable. Payment in full will be due upon completion of services, (and in most cases prior to building department inspections), deferred payments through third party financing shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. Customer agrees to pay a service charge of 2% of the unpaid balance for every 30 days overdue. Customer further agrees to reimburse any and all collection fees and attorney fees incurred in the process of collecting the unpaid balance. Any payments refused by customer or left unpaid for more than 30 days may result in a mechanics lien being filed against the property where services were rendered.


All work performed by The WireNut includes warranty coverage which varies dependent on the level of service chosen. In the event our work fails within the warranty period, you will not be charged for a return visit during normal operating hours (8a-4p M-F) if found to be fault of WireNut. In the event of an extended manufacturer warranty, that warranty will apply as a credit to your account which may be redeemed dollar for dollar towards your repair work. All extended warranties must be in writing to be applicable. Exclusions of warranty: Customer supplied parts are not warrantied and return trips to service customer supplied products are an additional charge. Expendable items such as light bulbs, filters, batteries, refrigerant have no warranty coverage and may be replaced for an additional charge. Used or reinstalled items, such as obsolete outdated breakers, reinstalled humidifiers, etc have no warranty coverage. WireNut Home Services shall not be liable for any damage due to acts of God or nature, pre-existing conditions of the home, or for any tampering with work other than WireNut personnel. If Drain Clearing machinery becomes lodged in the home drain lines, homeowner is responsible for any repair and replacement. 3rd Party rebates cannot be guaranteed by WireNut in any way and rebate funding remains the responsibility of the agency offering the rebates. Manufacturer warranties may be void in cases where the equipment was not registered with the manufacturer, WireNut may assist in some warranty registrations, however the responsibility for these remains the customers responsibility.


All work involving permits must be completed within 6 months time as determined by the bldg. dept. Any delays or appointments missed by customer, leading to additional building dept fees will result in additional charges to customer or location owner. All charges due back to WireNut will be subject to the above listed payment terms.


While we strive for minimal to no damage to interior wall or floor surfaces, exterior walls or landscaping areas, our work does periodically result in unavoidable aesthetic damages. Unless specifically purchased as a specific line item, our work does not include repairs to these surfaces.


Multiple repair options are always presented where safety violations or upgrades are discovered. Failure to correct these items resultant from refusal of service and further damages will void all warranties and be the sole responsibility of the customer if neglected. All work performed will be performed in compliance with the latest building code(s).

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