Top Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Colorado Springs is being dowsed with afternoon showers on a regular basis, receiving a gracious drink at the end of every day. If you’ve watched one of these storms lately, you’ll have noticed the show of lighting that comes with them as well. Every evening it seems, the sky is being lit up by electric strikes that dance across the ground. While breathtaking, these lighting strikes are deadly.

When a lighting strike hits your house, it sends a huge volt of energy that surges through every electrical system in your house. Even when the lighting is a distance away from your home, electricity still travels through the ground, which makes your plumbing and electrical systems vulnerable to an electric attack. Remember, safety should be your first priority when in the midst of a severe thunderstorm. That’s why we’ve created a safety guide for you to help ensure the safety of yourself, your home, and your family.

Unplug all of your electronics

When you can tell a thunderstorm is about to pass, it is the best idea to go ahead and unplug all of your devices before the storm arrives. If a surge of electricity strikes your house, it could pass directly through the electrical outlet, up the cord of your device, and into the body of your television, your computer, or even your charging cell phone. This would cause severe damage to your device—if not destroy it completely. You can also invest in electrician-grade surge protectors as well. Surge protectors are created to absorb mass amounts of energy and destroy itself before it allows the energy to pass through to your devices. They are a great source of protection for your devices. However, even if you have great surge protectors, it is still a good idea to unplug all of your devices. Go ahead and unplug all of your devices, including:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Laptops that are charging
  • Internet Modem
  • Cable Box
  • Phones that are charging
  • Corded telephones
  • Radios

Stay away from water

Lighting strikes are able to travel directly through your plumbing system. That’s why you have always been told to avoid taking baths and showers during a thunderstorm. It is even advised to avoid turning on your sink for things like dishes or hand washing. The best course of safety is to stay away from water sources.

If there is a severe thunderstorm

A severe thunderstorm is defined by intense rain, gusts reaching at least 58 miles per hour, hail that is at least 1 inch in diameter, and, of course, lighting.  If you are located in one of these storms, or have received a storm warning via news or mobile phone, then you need to get inside immediately, collect your family members and pets, and get yourself to a room that has no windows.

If the power goes out

The most terrifying thing is the loud boom of thunder that accompanies a black out. If the power goes out in your house during a thunderstorm, the first thing to do is stay calm. Keep your family located in the same spot so that you can watch over your children and your pets. Use flashlights or candles to see. If the power has not come back on after the storm has passed (allowing plenty of time after you hear the last burst of thunder), cautiously check the breaker box to see if breakers have been switched.


Stay safe during thunderstorms by following these simple steps. There are more measures that you can take against thunderstorms when it comes to protecting your home’s electrical system as well, including the installment of electrician-grade surge protectors, and having a safety audit performed by a professional.


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