WireNut Home Services Surprises Local Christmas Shoppers

It paid off for some in Colorado Springs to be holiday shopping with less than two weeks until Christmas.

“I was shocked and I thought it was a lie,” said Aubry Atma, a surprised shopper.

WireNut Home Services, a local company, spread some holiday cheer at a Walmart by offering to pay for everything in some customers’ carts.

“My first reaction is to say no, you know, just because I’m more of a giving person,” said Matt Cowell, who was out shopping for the holidays. “So, having someone come up to me and say, ‘Can I pay for everything?’ I was like, man, will I sound like a Grinch if I say no. And she was like, ‘no’. And I was like, well, that was the wrong answer. So now I got to say yes.”

Each person is picked at random by WireNut employees to foot the bill.

WireNut has been doing this for eight years, spending thousands of dollars during each shopping spree. This year, they bought $1,100 dollars worth of gifts and groceries.

“Every single year, I’m telling you, the stories are heartbreaking, heartwarming and they’re everything in between. So it’s just awesome,” said Warren Peacock, people department manager for WireNut.

WireNut employees said it is the smiles and the joy on people’s faces that will keep the continuing the tradition year after year.

“I always say this,” Peacock said. “We get more out of it than what we know. What we give is actually the stories you hear and the people you meet. It’s just incredible. So we love doing it.”

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