8 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Is your heating unit keeping up with the cold this winter? Here are some tips to help get your system ready for the season:

  1. Unblock your vents
    • Make sure there is no furniture covering your vents
    • Schedule a duct cleaning service to make sure you are getting adequate air flow and not breathing in dirty air
  2. Check your air filter
    • Make sure you replace your air filter regularly (about every one to two months)
    • Dirty air filters can restrict air flow and put more of a strain on your heating system
  3. Schedule a furnace tune-up
  4. Inspect your thermostat
    • Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly and turning on your furnace at certain temperatures
  5. Fix drafts around doors and windows
    • Drafts near windows or doors can cause your heating system to overwork and can increase your energy bill as a result
  6. Clean your furnace cabinet
    • Make sure the area around your furnace is clean and clear of any objects or items that might obstruct air flow
  7. Cover your A/C condenser outside, if you have one
    • The harsh elements, or even rodents looking for somewhere to stay warm, can damage your A/C condenser in the winter months
    • Purchasing a fitted cover can prevent damages like this from occurring
  8. Pay attention to your heating system’s age
    • Your furnace will lose efficiency as years progress resulting in a higher energy bill
    • The average furnace lasts about 15 years if maintained properly

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