Caring For Your Plumbing System

Here are some quick tips for maintaining your home’s plumbing system:


  • Clogged Drain
    • Pour 1/2 cup of salt down the drain followed by boiling water
    • Flush with very hot water until clog is clear
    • Avoid future clogging by watching what goes into your drains
  • Little to No Water From Sink Faucet
    • Make sure shut-off valve (usually under the sink) is open
    • Plug the sink
    • Unscrew aerator from the end of the faucet
    • Scrub and rinse aerator parts
    • Reassemble aerator and put back on faucet
  • Pipes Exposed to Cold Temperatures
    • Wrap pipes in insulation to avoid freezing and shorten wait for hot water
  • Soften Your Water
    • If your water has a high mineral content (hard water), it can shorten your plumbing’s lifespan
    • A white build up on faucets, drains, or toilet bowls is a sign of hard water
    • Installing a water softener can improve your water quality and can actually provide health benefits as well
    • Schedule online to set up an appointment for a water softener install – RealtyZero.com

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