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Saving Money With a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an upgrade from the standard controls of a heating and cooling system. These digital devices are programmable, adjusting the temperature up or down according to the time of day, but what really sets them apart is their wireless connectivity. You can control a smart thermostat remotely through the Internet with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once your thermostat is installed, they’re easy to use, efficient, and give you data that helps you save money.

Never Heat or Cool an Empty House

It’s happened to nearly everyone. You come home and your heating or cooling system is running even though the house has been empty for hours. With a smart device controlling your furnace and air conditioner, you avoid this wasteful situation. Set your HVAC controls to mesh with your weekday and weekend routines. If you get up everyday at 6 a.m., program the thermostat to feel comfortable as you wake up. When you leave for work a couple of hours later, your furnace will adjust to the temperature of your choice.

Remote Control

Controlling your thermostat remotely with a smartphone is especially helpful if you have a change in schedule. If you come home early, adjust the heating or cooling system on route with a phone or tablet. Your home will progress to a comfortable temperature in time for your arrival. Abrupt changes in temperature waste energy, so resetting your thermostat remotely for a gradual change is economical.

Monitor and Fine-Tune

Smart thermostats give you a lot of data in real time, allowing you to monitor energy use and approximate costs. Once you take a look at your habits, you might find ways to fine-tune them. Some thermostats also have apps that guide you to the most economical settings.

A qualified Colorado furnace repair firm is your best choice for the seamless integration of a new smart thermostat. The WireNut installs various models, and we can help you choose the one that’s right for your home.

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