What to Expect From Your New Furnace Installation

Winter is just around the corner, and if a new furnace is on your to-do list, the time to have it installed is before the mercury plummets. Colorado winters are nothing to sneeze at and that makes it even more important for denizens of The Centennial State to choose the most energy efficient option available. For many people, a high efficiency gas furnace is the best choice for a heating upgrade. If you’re not familiar with this type of system, here are the basics of what to expect from your new heater.

A Drop in Your Gas Bill

The first thing you may notice after an upgrade to a new system is a decrease in your gas bill. High efficiency gas furnaces have an AFUE rating of 90 to 95 percent. AFUE means annual fuel utilization efficiency, and the higher the rating the more efficient the model. These appliances make the most of the fuel they use, and that means you should see a drop in your energy costs even while your house remains warm and comfortable.

The End of the Pilot Light

High efficiency gas models use electronic ignition instead of a pilot light. This system reduces energy use because it’s activated only when the appliance comes on. Pilot lights waste energy because they burn constantly, and that’s why they increase your gas bill.

Feeling for a Pulse

Pulse combustion uses an automatic vent damper to increase efficiency. This technology closes the fuel pipe and restricts fuel use when the burner is inactive. It’s one of the reasons a new furnace is so much more efficient than an obsolete one.

Regulated Air

Combustion is safer in a high efficiency gas heater because airflow is regulated and induced. In older systems, airflow is not controlled in the same way and that leads to wasted energy.

At The WireNut, we have years of experience with Colorado furnace installation, and we’ve seen how a new furnace adds comfort and value to our clients’ homes.

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