Tips to Save Money on Electricity This Winter

Saving money on the electric bill is a top priority for many homeowners, and even more of a priority in the winter time when dozens of appliances are using more power to keep your home warm and comfortable. To cut costs and still maintain a comfortable environment inside of your home take a look at some of the tips below.

Windows & Doors 

-Make sure windows, doors and any other openings where cold winter air can blow through are sealed up before turning on the heat. It’s easy to overlook certain doors or windows that may not get used very often and leave them open, and leads to your furnace working extra hard to heat the entire home. To prevent this just do a quick walkthrough of every area of the home to make sure any windows are closed up.

Stop The Draft!

-Use blankets or draft stoppers under doors to keep the warm air where it belongs. Draft stoppers are easy to find with a quick online search or at your local shopping center and they are great for keeping heat in the most essential areas and keeping cold air from blowing underneath doorways.

LED Technology

-Another cost saving tip you are probably already implementing is the use of LED bulbs over conventional light bulbs. LED technology in light bulbs has come a long way from the blinding white brightness of models in the past, and while you can still get those there are other varieties as well. Some bulbs mimic the soft yellow glow of a traditional light bulb while others even have color changing capabilities. No matter which style you opt for, if it’s LED then you will definitely being saving money over conventional.

How Your Home Insulation?

-Home insulation is a huge factor in how much money you are spending on electricity every month. A well insulated home costs less to heat in the winter and cool in the summer simply because it is able to hold in air and maintain comfortable temperatures. Insulating your home or improving on insulation that’s already there is a little more involved then a weekend project. But with some guidance from our team at  The WireNut you will be able to choose an insulation to fit your needs.

Invest In Curtains

-Using energy efficient curtains will help to hold heat in your home similar to the draft stoppers discussed above. No matter how well a window is sealed from the outside, the glass can still get very cold and invite cold air to seep into your home. A great way to stop cold air from coming in is to buy and install insulated curtains or blackout curtains. The heavy curtains work both ways as well, and they will also keep the warm air from seeping out.


-The last tip just concerns fireplaces. Fireplaces are the quintessential winter comfort when they are roaring with flames and extremely warm. When the fire is out however, you will want to make sure that the chimney is closed up so it doesn’t pull air from inside of your home.

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