Ways to Save Energy this Spring

Spring is in full swing, and as seasons change, there are different ways you can save on your electricity bill. As warmer weather continues to head our way, there are a variety of ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home while also keeping you and your family comfortable. Here are just some of the ways you can save money and energy this Spring as the temperatures continue to increase:

Use Natural Sunlight
*Our first tip today is sponsored by Jesse at The Happy Outlet in Carson City. During daylight hours, use the sun to your advantage! Switch off lights in your home and use natural sunlight to light your home instead.

Turn Your Water Heater Down a Notch
Over 15% of the energy you are using in your home comes from water heating. Save energy by turning down your water heater’s temperature.

Open Your Windows
Turn off your air conditioner at night and open a window instead. When you wake up in the morning, shut the windows and the curtains to retain the cool air. When temperatures are not scorching, you can also open windows during the daytime to use a breeze to cool off your home during the daytime.

Turn on Your Bathroom Fans
Bathroom fans are designed to suck air out of your home. When your home heats up, turn those on and warm air and humidity should begin to leave your home.

Strategically Program Your Thermostat
Program your thermostat around your schedule. When you are typically home during the day, have your thermostat set to the highest temperature possible while still keeping you comfortable. When you are typically gone during the day, keep the house warmer. The closer the temperatures are inside and outside, the more you will save on your energy bill.

Upgrade to ENERGY STAR Appliances
ENERGY STAR offers a number of different types of appliances and electronics for your home while also saving you money. These products are designed to use the smallest amount of energy possible. Here is a full list of ENERGY STAR products.

Hire a Technician to Check Your HVAC System
It is always a good idea to hire a technician to come out and evaluate your HVAC system. Routine maintenance on any appliance can help prevent future mishaps and help you conserve energy. Make sure you are checking/replacing your air filters on a regularly basis.

Avoid Heating Your Home With Lights & Appliances
Turn off those lights (don’t forget to use natural sunlight when possible), and minimize appliance use on hot days. Avoid using the oven and, instead, grill out on those hotter days to keep the heat out of your home.

Fix Any Air Leaks or Open Ducts
Keep hot air out and cool air in. Caulk any cracks or openings where warm are could creep into your home, and install weather stripping to seal doors and windows to trap cool air inside of your home. Unfortunately unsealed or uninsulated ducts can lead to air loss and an increased electrical bill. Take some time this Spring or hire a professional to seal/insulate those ducts.

For a full inspection of your electrical and/or HVAC system, contact The WireNut! We are looking forward to serving you and helping you save energy–and money–this Spring.

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