Electrical Problems in Old Homes: What to Look Out For

Older Homes in Colorado Springs

Cities like Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo are constantly expanding and urbanizing—you can always spot a new neighborhood development on your commute to work. New homes are sprouting up all the time, and people are buying. However, sometimes new isn’t always better (or cheaper). There are a lot of great, older homes throughout Colorado cities, and are often a better … Read More

Energy Hoards in Disguise: 5 Household Items that Use Up the Most Electricity

Charging your Cell Phone

The end of the month has arrived, along with that same old utility bill. The cost of electricity can be a huge dollar amount, especially in larger homes with larger families. The utility bill has become just a part of life. Driven by the energy consumption of fridges, washing machines, lighting, and so much more, the electricity consumption of your … Read More