Are Versatile Track Lights Making a Comeback?

Are Versatile Track Lights Making a Comeback?

When it comes to lighting trends, our team at The WireNut always tries to stay ahead of the curve and be educated in the latest and greatest lighting technology. Great lighting design needs to be functional, beautiful and energy efficient. Those are the characteristics we look for in every product or design trend we choose to endorse. One lighting trend … Read More

Can you shower during a power outage?

Can you shower during a power outage?

No matter where you live, and no matter how rock solid city officials say your local electrical grid is, power outages still occur. They can be weather related or because of a fire or building collapse. Power outages can also put in place by city officials who are repairing or upgrading the grid in a certain area. Whatever your specific … Read More

Energy Efficiency in Outdoor Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Summer in Colorado can be blisteringly hot, breezy and dry during the day. But once the sun dips behind the mountains most people rush outside to the deck or patio to enjoy some outdoor recreation time in the cool evening air. As the daylight disappears it would be nice to have some ambient light that does not cost a homeowner … Read More

Electrical Safety Tips for the Winter

Winter Electrical Safety

If you’ve ever spent a winter in Colorado, you know that it is going to get very cold very unpredictably. Do you know if your home’s electrical system, and components are ready for the upcoming winter? Do you know what to look out for in the winter when it comes to electrical safety? These are important questions and things to … Read More

Fall HVAC Maintenance for Your Home

DIY HVAC Maintenance

When the breezes become a little cooler across the Rocky Mountains, you know it’s about time for autumn to roll in. Fall is the perfect time of year to check in on important HVAC components of your home, such as your furnace for some simple maintenance. You want to complete a full furnace tune-up while it is still fall, especially … Read More

How Flipping a Switch Can Save You Money

light bulbs

When trying to save money on your electric bill, the smallest changes can make a huge difference.  Today, we’re going to discuss the immense benefits of simply turning off the lights when a room in your home is not in use.  Not convinced that flipping a few switches here and there is worth the hassle? Continue reading to find out … Read More

Electrical Safety Inspection: Would Your House Pass?

lighted entryway

Electricity is deeply intertwined in our day-to-day activities.  Whether you are blow drying your hair, cooking a meal, or even reading this article online, you count on electricity for important activities in your home.  It’s crucial to know that all your power outlets and appliances are in good working order so that your schedule goes uninterrupted.  Additionally, maintaining reliable appliances … Read More

The Coolest Things to do for your HVAC System in the Summertime

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Like you, our AC System is on full blast in July in Colorado Springs. The days are long and hot, and coming inside can be the most refreshing thing, or the worst thing if your HVAC system is not that effective. Believe it or not, performing simple maintenance on your HVAC system could jump start the cool air that you’ve … Read More

Summer Allergies Wearing You Out? It May be Time to get your Air Ducts Cleaned

Allergies and Air Duct Cleaning

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, over 50 million people in the US suffer from allergies. That is an incredible number, but not surprising if you have allergies yourself. Colorado, in particular, is extremely susceptible to allergens in the summertime, as we have a vast array of trees and plants that bloom across the planes, mountains, and … Read More

Electrical Problems in Old Homes: What to Look Out For

Older Homes in Colorado Springs

Cities like Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo are constantly expanding and urbanizing—you can always spot a new neighborhood development on your commute to work. New homes are sprouting up all the time, and people are buying. However, sometimes new isn’t always better (or cheaper). There are a lot of great, older homes throughout Colorado cities, and are often a better … Read More