Energy Efficiency in Outdoor Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Summer in Colorado can be blisteringly hot, breezy and dry during the day. But once the sun dips behind the mountains most people rush outside to the deck or patio to enjoy some outdoor recreation time in the cool evening air. As the daylight disappears it would be nice to have some ambient light that does not cost a homeowner … Read More

Summer Ac Checklist, How to Stay Cool and Save Money

In most parts of the country, air conditioning has become a necessity for everyday life, especially in Colorado where the dry and arid climate can cause some discomfort during the summer months. Most homeowners will flip on the A/C unit when it starts to get hot and just brace themselves for the utility bill at the end of the month. … Read More

How Flipping a Switch Can Save You Money

light bulbs

When trying to save money on your electric bill, the smallest changes can make a huge difference.  Today, we’re going to discuss the immense benefits of simply turning off the lights when a room in your home is not in use.  Not convinced that flipping a few switches here and there is worth the hassle? Continue reading to find out … Read More

Electrical Safety Inspection: Would Your House Pass?

lighted entryway

Electricity is deeply intertwined in our day-to-day activities.  Whether you are blow drying your hair, cooking a meal, or even reading this article online, you count on electricity for important activities in your home.  It’s crucial to know that all your power outlets and appliances are in good working order so that your schedule goes uninterrupted.  Additionally, maintaining reliable appliances … Read More

Energy Hoards in Disguise: 5 Household Items that Use Up the Most Electricity

Charging your Cell Phone

The end of the month has arrived, along with that same old utility bill. The cost of electricity can be a huge dollar amount, especially in larger homes with larger families. The utility bill has become just a part of life. Driven by the energy consumption of fridges, washing machines, lighting, and so much more, the electricity consumption of your … Read More