How Does a Furnace Work?

Furnaces are a complex system of appliances, and ducts working throughout your home to allow you to regulate the indoor climate. The furnace works in conjunction with a number of other systems to keep your home warm and comfortable.

A Typical Home HVAC Setup

The standard HVAC setup in most homes include a furnace and thermostat system, most commonly located in a house’s utility room. The system is extremely simple in its process, the thermometer measure the ambient temperature, and when the temperature dips below a specified point the furnace will switch on to heat the house back up.

The heat comes from one of two options; most furnaces in Colorado are natural gas or electrically powered. When the thermometer triggers the furnace it will begin to suck in air via the intakes in the home and heat up the air. The warm air will then be re-distributed around the house through the duct system.

An Elaborate Home HVAC Setup

HVAC systems are all about controlling the climate in your home, so it is not necessarily limited to just a furnace and thermostat. In Colorado most people have just a furnace, however it is not unheard of to have a variety of other appliances, such as a humidifier, air conditioning, or air filtration system. These systems keep your home from becoming too dry, cool, and clean respectively. But most importantly these extensions allow you have complete control of the climate within your home.

Humidifier – Regulates the humidity within your home through distribution of water vapour throughout the home. Colorado can be arid and dry, causing skin issues and wreaking havoc on wooden furniture. Humidifiers allow you to combat these issues.

Air conditioner – Through a system of thermodynamic processes, an air conditioner effectively removes the warm air from your house. Colorado can get very warm in the summer time, and having the option to keep yourself cool is a huge benefit.

Air Filtration – Furnaces have a built in air filter but many people have a separate air filtration system installed. This is because the ducts and ambient air gets dust and dirt into it which is then distributed around the house. By investing in an air filtration system you are able to better purify the air in your home.

Basics of the Furnace heating process

The heating process for your home involves your furnace going through a multistep process.

The thermometer recognizes that the temperature has dropped below the designated amount. It then sends a signal to the furnace to begin sending fuel to the burners.
The fuel is then sent to the burners, which is the flame you’d see in a furnace.
The blower engages to circulate air around your home, sucking in cold air and blowing out the hot air.

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