5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips

5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips Being a home owner comes with more responsibility than some people realize, and it can get overwhelming. There are certain aspects about your home that you may have overlooked, or just thought wasn’t important, like your HVAC system. Not paying attention to your HVAC can become very troublesome for your home and cause several issues. … Read More

Electrical Panel Cheat Sheet

Electrical Panel Cheat Sheet Do you know what your electrical panel is for? It’s common knowledge that every house has one. We usually all know where to find it in our home, but do you know how it works and what purpose it serves? The electrical panel, or distribution board, is essentially the hub for all the electrical wiring in … Read More

One of Our Electricians Found a Jolteon!

With the Pokemon Go craze at its peak, The WireNut is no stranger to the fun. Jolteon, an electrical Pokemon, must have been following us around (He knows family when he sees it!). Recently, one of our electricians found the Pokemon Jolteon near a job in the Chapel Hills Mall area! He is now a proud member of The WireNut … Read More

Seasonal Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Summer is here and that means cookouts, freshly-grilled burgers, and the refreshing feeling of walking into an air conditioned home on a hot summer’s day. There’s nothing quite like it. Want to Experience That Feeling? There’s nothing better than the comfort of a completely climate-controlled home. If you’re thinking that it’s time to get a central air conditioner, count on … Read More

Home Safety While Away on Vacation

You’ve packed the swimsuits and the sunscreen, the bug spray and the camera, but did you remember to properly lock up and secure your home? While making that long vacation “to-do” list, don’t forget to include the proper safeguarding of your home on your list before you head off on your summer getaway. Consider a House Sitter If you’ll be … Read More

How a Furnace Tune-Up Saves You Money

A gas furnace is an economical way to heat your home, and a yearly furnace tune-up is essential to keep your appliance at peak performance. The more efficient your furnace, the less energy it uses. It’s better to get yearly service, while the weather is still warm, than to be faced with no heat on a cold Colorado night. In … Read More

How to Spot an Electrical Gremlin Before it Causes Problems

Home electrical issues can prove costly, particularly if necessary repairs and preventative maintenance aren’t performed regularly. One of the easiest ways of keeping electrical repair costs low and reducing the number of calls you make to your electrician Colorado is to learn to spot the signs of a problem before it becomes serious. Here’s a closer look at how to … Read More

Saving Money With a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an upgrade from the standard controls of a heating and cooling system. These digital devices are programmable, adjusting the temperature up or down according to the time of day, but what really sets them apart is their wireless connectivity. You can control a smart thermostat remotely through the Internet with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Once … Read More

What to Expect From Your New Furnace Installation

Winter is just around the corner, and if a new furnace is on your to-do list, the time to have it installed is before the mercury plummets. Colorado winters are nothing to sneeze at and that makes it even more important for denizens of The Centennial State to choose the most energy efficient option available. For many people, a high … Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Electrician Can Do

If you live in an older home in Colorado you may know the number of your electrician by heart. Generally, the older a home is the more likely the electrical system is in need of updating or repair. Whether you’re calling The WireNut because of an emergency situation or you’re just looking to have one of our professionals perform a little … Read More