Top 5 Reasons for Air Conditioner Failure


Like all mechanical devices, air conditioners degrade over time which can cause problems to arise with your HVAC system.

Electrical issues – You may notice that your electrical breaker box has begun tripping off with some level of frequency that correlates with your air conditioner being on. This can be a sign that your air conditioner’s wiring is ineffective. This can come from wires deteriorating over time or maybe just the air conditioner was improperly wired up. In either case it is in your best interests to have a trained technician come in and take a look at your air conditioner.

Low Refrigerant – An air conditioner’s ability to cool down the air around it primarily relies on the system’s chemical reactions in the refrigerant. If your air conditioner has a leak or a blockage in the refrigerant’s path then it will be unable to cool the air off properly. If you think that there is a problem, have a trained technician come over to look at your unit.

Poor Air Flow – As a home air conditioner is part of the overall home HVAC system, it relies on a few crucial components keep air circulating around your house. If any of these components such as the blower or any part of the ductwork is clogged or broken it could lead to your air circulation being extremely poor. These problems are usually caused by dirty filters, which can be resolved by having them cleaned or replaced. Should the problem persist call a furnace specialist.

Faulty Thermostat – Thermostats are the component of the HVAC system which tells your air conditioner the ambient temperature is too hot, and then switches the system on. If the thermostat isn’t working properly it may turn your air conditioner on when it’s not supposed to be, or have it on too often, which can lead to it wearing out quickly. When you get your HVAC system checked be sure to have your thermostat checked to make sure it is calibrated correctly.

Frozen Coil – Air conditioners basically function by drawing warm air in towards the cold coils, which then cool off the air. If there is a blockage for the hot air reaching the coils then the coils can freeze. The best way to deal with problems with the coils is to have your ducts and HVAC system inspected regularly.

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