Top Five Causes of Furnace Failures

Furnaces don’t generally just break all the time, however there are a couple of ways in which your furnace could fail. Most failures can be avoided by knowing about what the most likely causes of failure are and taking steps to prevent any problems.

Broken Thermostat

– Furnace thermometers can break or become decalibrated over time, which can cause your furnace to not trigger or to trigger too often. While not necessarily a failure, over use of the furnace from it being constantly on can wear it out extremely quickly and lead to issues developing quickly.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

– Filters collect dirt over time, it’s what they are designed to do, however this means they do wear out over time. If the air filters get too clogged it causes your furnace to have to work extra hard to heat your house to the same desired temperature. This extra exertion can lead to your furnace breaking and wearing out faster. Get your air filters replaced fairly frequently so as to keep your furnace running smoothly and effectively.

Pilot light/Electrical Ignition Failure

– The pilot light/igniter is a crucial component of the furnace as its purpose is to light the fuel that heats your home. If this component isn’t work then the fuel won’t ignite and you’ll be left cold. Usually there is a way to check if your pilot light is operational on your furnace, but it is good practice to have it checked out at least annually.

The blower motor fails

– The blower motor is essentially what keeps the air moving around your home. Should this component fail it doesn’t matter how efficient your furnace is, the hot air won’t be distributed around your home. The blower can fail from over usage or from it becoming clogged. Have your ducts cleaned and your furnace tuned-up to keep the blower working effectively.

Fuel supply issues

– Most furnaces in Colorado are either electric or fuelled by natural gas, each coming with their own set of fuel supply issues that can cause your furnace to fail. The most prominent way that electrical furnaces fail is poor wiring. Poor wiring will cause the furnace to short and blow a breaker. Call a furnace technician to make sure your furnace is wired up correctly. With natural gas, if you notice that there is an issue with your gas line or the fuel going to your furnace it is recommended you contact a furnace professional immediately due to natural gas being toxic.

Most furnace issues can be avoided with regular care and maintenance. Be sure to have your furnace tuned-up annually to avoid any potential issues.

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